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Who we are?

We are a street galley and Creative silkscreen print shop located in Montreal, Buenos Aires and Australia

What we are doing?

Everyting but boring stuff ! just enquiry to find out ways we can collaborate

    Started in 2008, Station 16 started as an innovative silk screen print shop operating mainly in sheet producing. Shortly after the print shop started creating artwork images and operating with local Montreal designers to produce a body of images that might wring the neighborhood art scene. The print shop and gallery can be found in Montreal, but have been in different places.

    In 2013, Station 16 got the 3523-27 St. Laurentplace and the Innovative HQ was created. Stop 16 Gallery is one component of the innovative area and continues to use its adjoining associates on several jobs.

    Station 16 and its own Print Shop place continue to perform with global designers and push the borders of the Montreal modern art arena, combined with quality of silk screen printing.

Comeback soon!

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