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Make Me Care - ALAN GANEV

Posted on April 09, '14 by Station 16.

This Friday, Station 16 Gallery opens it's latest show "Make Me Care", by collage artist Alan Ganev.  Make Me Care is an exhibition for which Ganev re-appropriated and deconstructed found imagery from previous Life magazine editions (1950's-60's) to capture, in simple visual compositions, the complexity of feelings and emotions attached to meaningful personal experiences. 

Ganev's large scale collages set him apart from most other artists in this genre. By pasting his images both on the street and in decayed buildings, he has transformed vintage advertisement into an anti-advertising campagin. "These images were born from pop culture, but their relation to any consumer product is purposely forgotten, their “smile for the camera” expressions are removed, and their new body language is the only one responsible for delivering the story..." says Ganev.


Ganev has exhibited collaboratively at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Costa Rica Museum of Contemporary Art and Design and the Contemporary Art Center of Quito. His passion for mural work and public art has also guided the artist to work on projects with EN MASSE in New York City during Armory Arts Week and Miami during Art Basel. In addition, he is an active member of the International WEIRD collage group, exhibiting in cities such as Berlin, Lima, Los Angeles, New York, Montréal, Quito and San Jose.


This is Herd, created this conceptual video to give insight to the artist's thoughts and process.


réZin wine has also created a contest in collaboration with Station16 & Make Me Care, giving you the opportunity to win a choice bottle of wine, along with a limited edition silkscreen print by Alan Ganev. Click the link for details! 

Make Me Care will run from April 11th - April 21st at Station16 Gallery. The show will launch a new silkscreen print and several works on wood. 


Introducing Enzo and Nio

Posted on April 04, '14 by Station 16.
Station 16 Gallery has been a longtime supporter of Enzo & Nio, printing Magritte (Ceci nest pas use bombe) back in 2012. We’ve since presented their Idols and launched a tremendously successful Alarm Pull edition variant for Fountain Art Fair. Today, we would like to introduce you to Magda Coccinella, the person behind the Brooklyn duo’s social media.
I'm responsible for their facebook page, twitter and tumblr. I also search blogs, Instagram and the Internet in general on a mostly daily basis for any E and N related news. I think it was late 2010 when Enzo ( a long time friend) decreed that I would be their social media minion. Back then I was pretty ignorant of the street art and graffiti world so it was a steep learning curve to say the least… like that time I ended up chatting to Futura on Flickr with no clue who he was. Oh the shame. So, why would they choose someone so ignorant of the streets, do I hear you ask? Well Enzo says he chose me because he trusted me, I'm organized and because he knew I'd be dedicated (translation: I'm good at nagging). 
I haven't known Nio for as long and I think he was a little apprehensive at first but I'm pretty sure I've won him over now. 
Anyway! Fast forward to 2014 and I'm street art addicted to the point of road tripping or flying to other cities around New Zealand to attend street art festivals. Did I mention I live in New Zealand? The fact that I can do all this from so far away is pretty amazing. Isn't the Internet grand? The  bonus of doing all this for Enzo and Nio is that I've discovered the work of some amazing street artists from New Zealand and around the world. I've also made a lot of virtual friends half a world away. Thanks Enzo. (he made me write that)
So who are Enzo and Nio? They're long time friends, and one night over drinks (and other nefarious activities) 'Enzo and Nio' - street artists came to be. Ever since they've been adorning the streets with their art which is a peculiar mix of humor, shock, thought provoking beauty and revolutionary thinking. Anything goes. They don't just stick to one particular style, or one particular medium. Stickers, wheatpastes, stencils you name it, they do it. Just two guys, doing what they want on the street. They dislike being pigeon holed or tied down to any one style. Why limit yourself though, when there are so many avenues of creativity to rush headlong down, shouting and laughing? 
From playful messages such as "We might be your dads" or "Enzo and Nio fucked Justin Bieber" to the haunting Future Now Idols to the cynical and political Uncle Sham and the Film The Police just never know what they're going to do next. A couple of my favourites are Bomba and the Future Now Idols. The Idols freak me out a little, they're such a powerful, disturbing contrast. 
Thanks to their own hard work, and that of some friends, they've managed to get up in quite a few places worldwide - such as Barcelona, Montreal, Reykjavik, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico - as well as all over NYC and many other states in the US.
2014 is shaping up to be their biggest year yet. They're a secretive pair so they don't like broadcasting events or happenings until they're almost doing them but keep an eye out for them. They could pop up in your neighbourhood any day now! 
You can find out more about them on their website: 
Follow them on twitter and Instagram @enzoandnio 



Posted on March 28, '14 by Station 16.

Yoav Litvin is a psychologist, scientist, writer and photographer living in New York City. Yoav has recently come out with a beautiful book on the contemporary street art and graffiti movement in NYC titled Outdoor Gallery – New York City, published by Gingko Press. His book features several of the artists showcased by Station 16 Gallery, such as Dain, Elle Deadsex, Enzo & Nio, Gilf! and LNY. 


work by DAIN


Yoav, why did you write the book Outdoor Gallery – New York City?

It started as a simple realization… Although I lived in one of the most glorious cities in the world, I felt trapped in my own private cocoon, sadly unfamiliar with so much of the wonder that goes on around me. As a curious person, I simply needed more. Then… I got injured. During a squash game, my friend swung his racket and planted it in my face, full force! The results were 15 stitches over my eye, a herniated disc in my neck and a medicine cabinet chock-full of painkillers. So…. I arrived at the natural conclusion that instead of staying at home and feeling sorry for myself, I’d adopt a new weekend activity: I’d simply pick a direction, North, South, East or West (or any combo), exit my building and walk. And so it began! Every weekend I ventured on my solitary walks. Sometimes I chose to head North to the graffiti-rich Bronx, others I’d zigzag across the varied neighborhoods within Manhattan while others I’d stroll across the bridges to Queens and Brooklyn. Nowadays these strolls easily span three boroughs and reach 15-20 miles, all on foot. During my walks I began to notice lots of beautiful artwork on the streets. With the kind help of others in the street art community I learned the identities of the artists I particularly liked. From there the book idea just lifted off!


work by ELSOL25, ROYCE, and BISHOP203


What are you trying to convey with Outdoor Gallery?

During my walks I felt a deep appreciation both for the artwork itself, and toward the artists who put in the effort to display it publicly and for free. “Street art” has become so popular and the community so “trendy” and I didn’t want to just be a fan. I wanted to contribute in some way. I felt the best way I could do so was to use my skills to document this incredible time point in the history of New York City. The more I strolled around, the more I literally felt I was walking in a gallery! Hence the name I chose for the book: Outdoor Gallery – New York City.


Tell us about the book launch you curated.

I wanted to create an event for the NYC street art and graf communities to celebrate the book and all those involved. My goal was to bring together as many people who share my passion and appreciation of the art. For this, with the help of Royce Bannon and Bishop203 I curated a show that showcased original artwork from artists featured in Outdoor Gallery. In addition, Dega Films debuted several films, including one with Stikki Peaches. The launch was voted number 1 event in NYC for that weekend with a line out the door that stretched for over a block! I felt very humbled and fortunate for the turnout. Artists were signing books for fans all night long.


 MoMa Shop in NYC

Where can we find the book?

So far the book’s been picked up by a number of major retailers including museum shops in NYC (at the MoMA and Guggenheim museum shops) and others (Strand Books, Zakka in BK). It is also available for preorder on


What’re your plans?

I have lots of plans and ideas! These include working with friends that share my passion- including Station 16! I’m also launching my own website. Good things are ahead!


For more info on Outdoor Gallery – New York City, please see:

The book’s FaceBook account:

The book’s Instagram account:

Yoav’s personal account:


Current Exhibition - EnMasse FULL CIRCLE

Posted on March 22, '14 by Station 16.

photo by

Photo by


Station 16 Gallery invites you to celebrate EN MASSE's 5th anniversary with the opening of FULL CIRCLE, presenting a new body of work including paintings, prints and sculpture. The En Masse team will also work directly on the walls of the gallery, and do what they do best! For pictures from the opening night, visit our FACEBOOK page. 


Photo by


This show includes Station 16's largest silkscreen print to date, a 36x36 inch edition of 16, where each piece is unique. The center of each print has been filled in by hand from an EnMasse artist. These prints, along with a smaller version of the original 'donut' is now available on our site.


For inquiries on original paintings, or framing options : or 514-849-8016




Posted on March 11, '14 by Station 16.

On March 20th at 6pm, Station 16 Gallery invites you to celebrate EN MASSE's 5th anniversary with the opening of FULL CIRCLE, presenting a new body of work including paintings, prints and sculpture. The En Masse team will also work directly on the walls of the gallery, and do what they do best! 

This exhibition brings the Montreal members of the EnMasse project together and back into the gallery setting after many years of travelling and Mural creation. We will be exhibiting a body of new paintings from this team, along with a 36 x 36 inch limited edition silkscreen print. The centre of each of those prints will contain a hand drawn element from 16 of the Montreal EnMasse Artists. This is the largest print Station16 has released to date, and a great opportunity to acquire an original EnMasse work on paper! 

Station 16 would like to thank the following artists for their participation: Cheryl Voisine, Mc Baldassari, Olivier Bonnard, Tyler Rautman, Jason Wasserman, Raph Dorke, Dave Todaro, David Samson, Andy, Ghostpocket, Katie Green, Julien Deragon, Peter Ferguson, Jonathan Roberge, Kevin Ledo, Rupert Bottenberg, Carlos Santos, Jeremy Shantz, Michael Shantz, Antoine Gaumont & Dan Buller. We look forward to celebrating with you on March 20th!


Célébrant le 5e anniversaire du projet EN MASSE, la Galerie Station 16 est heureuse d’annoncer l’exposition FULL CIRCLE illustrant une toute nouvelle série de travaux sur bois, toile et papier. D’imposantes œuvres murales y seront aussi à l’honneur. 

Nous vous invitons à l’ouverture de FULL CIRCLE jeudi le 20 mars à compter de 18h00. L’exposition se déroulera jusqu’au 4 avril, 2014. 

Station 16 tient à remercier les artistes suivants pour leur participation: Cheryl Voisine, Mc Baldassari, Olivier Bonnard, Tyler Rautman, Jason Wasserman, Raph Dorke, Dave Todaro, David Samson, Andy, Ghostpocket, Katie Green, Julien Deragon, Peter Ferguson, Jonathan Roberge, Kevin Ledo, Rupert Bottenberg, Carlos Santos, Jeremy Shantz, Michael Shantz, Antoine Gaumont & Dan Buller.

Il est maintenant temps, après avoir voyager autant, de célébrer à nouveau tous ensemble.


New Products

Posted on March 01, '14 by Station 16.

WHATISADAM 'Maple Sizzurp phase2' 

Armory Week is around the corner, and as we prepare to head to the Big Apple with an entire new collection of work, we can't leave without releasing some new products for all you folks who will not be attending Fountain Fair (Booth C-201) in New York City. Launching this Thursday at NOON, we have an assortment of new prints that will also be on display at Fountain. Starting with WHATISADAM's newest Maple Sizzurp print! This Thursday we are releasing the next phase of this print, a slow degradation of his classic image. Along with this release includes Mathieu Connery's first edition with us, his use of abstraction in the street art scene vaguely stirs up nostalgic memories of 8-bit and rarely goes unnoticed. We'll also be releasing three new prints from NYC artists DAIN, ENZO & NIO, & GILF. Keep an eye on our site for these new releases.    

DAIN "Sunglasses"

Mathieu Connery


GILF 'Evolve'


Armoury Week 2014

Posted on February 11, '14 by Station 16.

March is right around the corner, which for us means our yearly trip to the big apple for another year of Armoury Week! From March 7th - 9th, Station16 will be returning to New York City and presenting works at Fountain Fair for the third year in a row! Armoury Week always brings us a fresh look at what others are doing, and any reason to visit NYC is a good one!



Besides using this trip to touch base with some of our New York based artists, we'll also be showcasing a new series for the first time ever. We've contacted all of our artists, and requested an original 16 x 16 inch art piece (above left: OMEN, above right: LABRONA) specifically to be shown at Fountain Fair this year! This will make for a really clean and diverse presentation. If you've been following our instagram or Facebook, then you've been getting a few teaser's of what to come on this wall. We'll also be traveling with a bunch of new prints never before shown. If you're in NYC on those dates, be sure to drop by and say hi! For the rest, keep checking out our instagram for what's happening at Armoury week 2014. 


Momento Mori

Posted on January 22, '14 by Station 16.


Station 16 is proud to present “M(omen)to Mori,” a daring still life exhibition curated by the artist OMEN. Please join us for the opening on January 29th starting at 6pm. 

“The name of the show comes from a theme of painting that has run throughout history. It uses the artists’ talents to capture the fleeting nature of life. Reminding us that one day it will all end. Artists created their work by using objects that show an elapse of time. The reason I wanted to use street artists and [graffiti] writers is to shake shit it up a bit. Too many times, people buy art because it is recognizable. This, I feel, falls more into a marketing strategy called market recognition. Market recognition has been motivating a lot of artists rather that of thematic creation. “M(omen)to Mori” is a chance for artists to break out of the mould and echo the masters of the past. It's a gauntlet that has been thrown down and the challenge has been accepted. 

My feeling towards this show right now (as of January 17, 2014) are of apprehension and curiosity. I have no idea what to expect from the artists I have selected. I have been working tightly with Station 16 Gallery on this and they are as excited as I am. The catch 22 is that every artist in this show is working out of their comfort zone. Kinda exciting.”    

- Omen

“M(omen)to Mori” will feature the following artists: Cryote, Enzo Sarto, Heiidi Taillefer, Iamrurik, Jason Botkin , Jeff Blackburn, Jeremy Price, Juan Carlos Noria (aka. Dixon), Kevin Ledo, Mike Maxwell, Lindsay Campbell, LNY, Omen, Over Under, Tyler Rauman & Whatisadam. 

The exhibition runs from January 29 - February 12, 2014.


Le Diamantaire

Posted on January 14, '14 by Station 16.

The Parisian street art scene is constantly in motion. Paris is definitely in the top ten list of cities to visit in order to see street art against a backdrop of age old architecture. Street artists are constantly emerging in this bustling city, and with it, so are their techniques and crafts for standing out amongst the rest. One specific gem (pun-intended) that caught our eye this year, is the work of Le Diamantaire, a French artist working primarily with discarded mirrors. His diamond cut mirrors are everywhere in Paris, Zurich and Barcelona. Their reflective surface makes them a hard target to miss, especially when they catch the sun just right. You can find out more about this artist on his website, and visit the Station16 Gallery to see some of his work in person! 



Workshop 101

Posted on January 08, '14 by Station 16.

On Wednesday morning, Station16 was featured on Breakfast Television Montreal. Adam and Emily, Station16's gallery directors, got up at the crack of dawn to talk about some of the local talent featured at the gallery, along with a live silkscreen demo. This isn't the first time that Station16 gave a silkscreen workshop: they've been popular attractions at events such as Osheaga, Chromatic and Art Souterrain. 

We are happy to announce that a silkscreenworkshop will be offered at our gallery in the month of April! Station 16 will make two classes available: one for adults wishing to learn the traditional art of print making, as well as have the opportunity to print their own design on both fabric and paper; another will be targeted towards children below the age of 10 hoping to have a fun day getting their hands dirty and experimenting with different coloured inks and materials. Each workshop will be a 2 part course, available in both French and English. We will provide you with the screens, squeegees, inks and paper at no extra cost! Please keep an eye on our site and be sure to signup for our newsletters to the left to get all the information. 


Mercredi matin, Adam et Emily étaient à la galerie aux petites heures du matin pour accueillir l'équipe de Breakfast Television Montreal. L'animateur, Wilder Weis, a eu l'opportunité de tester ses talents d'imprimeur! La Galerie Station 16 est connue pour ses ateliers de sérigraphies en direct et nous avons pensé qu'il était temps d'offrir des cours pour les adultes et enfants désirant approfondir leur connaissance de l'art imprimer ou simplement d'expérimenter avec les encres, papier et tissus. Les cours sont prévus pour avril 2014 et seront donnés en français et en anglais. Inscrivez-vous à notre info-lettre pour de plus amples informations!


Happy Holidays!

Posted on December 21, '13 by Station 16.

We're open all weekend at the gallery and on Monday! But have no fear, you can still shop online all through the holidays, and get that special gift! Plus if your feeling extra giving this year, our kickstarter campaign goes on till December 27th! You can continue following all the Station 16 activity over the holidays on our Facbook, Twitter and Instagram



Kickstarter update : Dream in Mexico

Posted on December 18, '13 by Station 16.

Our kickstarter project "A Global Street Art Story" is 22 days in, with 8 days left and we are at the 75% funded mark! We are asking for 20,000$ to create a series of silkscreen prints created by street-artists from around the globe. So far the kickstarter journey has introduced us to a number of interesting and supportive individuals and businesses!

Now, with the journey almost over and Christmas around the corner, we are yet again discovering just how awesome people can be. Case in point ; Dream In Mexicoa nonprofit organization that supports undocumented Mexican individuals living in the U.S. and offering them educational and employment opportunities in Mexico. I first found out about Dream in Mexico when I received an email from it's co-founder, an art and graffiti lover. He wanted to let us know how much he enjoyed our kickstarter project proposal, and that he would like to support the project at the largest available pledge (6000$ mural pledge). The station16 artist mural would be for the Dream in Mexico offices, a creative environment that tries to support and encourage the arts as much as possible! The only problem is that being a nonprofit, their funds are limited, and so they have begun their own campaign to raise money for this pledge! 

We were so moved by this act of generosity, that we have agreed that we'd accept their pledge and see the mural through, so long as their amount put us at our end goal! So, we need everyones help to keep pledging and help Dream in Mexico put us over the top! Check them out on Facebook or Twitter, and share their work! 


Station 16 at Art Basel : Part 1 (teaser)

Posted on December 14, '13 by Station 16.

ART BASEL PART 1 from Station 16 on Vimeo.



Fugetaboutit (Star Wars GQ)

Posted on December 10, '13 by Station 16.

Just in time for the holidays…

Station 16 is proud to launch Stikki Peaches’ new silkscreen print: Fugetaboutit (Star Wars GQ). After admiring his twelve-foot version on the streets of Montreal, Miami, and Stockholm, you now have the opportunity to take it home or offer it to a loved one! Silkscreened on Stikki’s classic crinkled kraft paper, this hot new 5 colour print is an edition of 50. Every copy is individually signed and numbered.  

Set your clock now! Fugetaboutit will be available for purchase tomorrow at noon. Be the first to snatch it up and we guarantee its delivery in time to be wrapped and under your Christmas tree!

All silkscreen works are hand-printed at Station 16 shop. Be sure to check out the making of video:

Star Wars GQ from Station 16 on Vimeo.


To add to the holiday cheer, Station 16 will offer you free custom wrapping paper with any online purchase during the month of December. This year’s edition features a festive red, green, or black camouflage print!


Kickstarter Campaign

Posted on November 30, '13 by adam vieira.

On Wednesday November 27th we launched our kickstarter project and video ! Our goal is to create 16 new silk screen prints, with 16 artists, from 16 different countries. You can help make this project become a reality by pledging any amount you're comfortable with. Your pledge will even get you some cool stuff! We have sticker packs, t-shirts, and even your choice of the silkscreen prints we're aiming to create from within this project! By donating, you can be the first to receive a limited edition print from the project! 

We really believe that this project will help educate us all on the global street art movement, while creating some great artwork that transcends borders!   



Art Basel Miami by Omen

Posted on November 27, '13 by Omen 514.


Been in Wynwood for a total of 3 nights and this is what has happened

Made a roller paint 30 feet off the ground
I posted over 150 stickers
I no longer believe in what people say anymore when it comes to reliability.
"Fake it until you make it" replaces "it's not who you know it's who you blow" as far as networking here goes.
There is no such thing as mystery in street culture anymore.
I don't understand how shit like 2square floats.
Galleries pay for walls for their artists. 
I got duped a wall because a gallery paid for one of their artists to paint. 
Annoying but I guess I should cope too.
I am stressing over nothing.
I discovered Ivan Maimov and so should you.
I drove a Renault 300.
Martha Cooper remembered who I was.
I got made by a fan and was taken aback by a fame moment.
Saw a lot of people from last year.
Had a tour of graffiti history in Miami by a member of CIA crew. If you don't know now you know.


HIP HOP by Brian Finn

Posted on November 12, '13 by Station 16.


Amongst our recent bad luck, we are powering through to bring you a brand new show at Station16 Gallery! We welcome Montreal designer and artist Brian Finn. The show opens this Friday November 15th from 7pm-11pm! You can join the Facebook event HERE. From this collection of over 100 hand-drawn portraits, detailing artists of the HIP HOP genre both dead and still alive, Station16 & Brian Finn have selected 5 drawings and produced limited edition silkscreen prints. They are editions of 20, signed and numbered, and available now on our site!

For his first show, the artist Brian Finn as chosen to aim big by releasing his body of work that includes 100 portraits of influential artists from the “Golden years” of Hip Hop. The show is the result of 10 years of work and a motivation to pay homage to the culture. A secret never before seen piece will also be released during the show. 

Brian Finn is also art director for Pop Headwear a Montreal based company in full expansion, in part because of their collaboration with Ride Shake Down and Osheaga 2013. 

The pricing for the pieces will be based off the number of “likes” on his instagram account which has gotten a huge following of 17K shortly after its opening. 

There will be a silent auction from (OCTOBER 5th TO NOVEMBER 2nd) to raise money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, three drawings will be selected for the occasion. 

Dj Blaster and Dj Kassimo will be mixing to put us in the mood by playing tracks selected only from the 100 exposed artists.




Street Art Heist.

Posted on November 05, '13 by adam vieira.

Police file a report for 50,000$ of stolen art. 

What seemed like a regular Monday morning at Station16 gallery... turned out to be the scene of a crime. Sometime between November 2nd and November 4th, Station16 gallery was broken into. The thieves made off with over 50,000$ worth of original art and prints. The stolen pieces do not appear to be random, as some were selected and removed from the wall. Along with the Montreal Police, we ask you to help us with any information regarding these stolen works of art. Stop the re-sale of stolen art.


Here is a selection of some of the works that were stolen; 





Original paintings by Antoine Tavaglione

Original paintings by Whatisadam

Original painting by ZekOne

Original painting by Scaner

Original paintings by Labrona
Original painting by Kevin Ledo



Posted on October 30, '13 by Station 16.


Launching this Monday at Noon, Station16 welcomes its newest silkscreen edition all the way from Cambridge, England. Mr.Penfold is a muralist, street artist, screen-printer, illustrator, and painter of international notoriety. With a quirky penchant for colour and shape brought to life in the form of his quintessential characters, Mr. Penfold has charmed his way across the pond with this screen-printed envoy.

Here's a few Q and A's for your enjoyment....


Station16: You are known for your comic characters. What led you towards abstraction?

Mr.Penfold: I think as I get older and my taste change, The abstract work seems to come more naturally. Characters are great fun and I don't think they'll ever disappear. 

All the abstract work comes from my characters, The elements, shapes, colour and composition are all from them.



S16: Who are these characters that you paint? Where do they come from and how do you come up with them?

Mr.P: I don't really now to be honest! I've never been into narrative or stories. I've never given them names or anything. For me the characters are more about the shapes and colour. I think that's why they translate well into the abstract work.



S16: Your signature shape is the mirrored J, what does it represent?  How important is it to your artistic identity?

Mr.P: Yeah the nose has become a bit of a signature. It started out as a normal nose, over time if got bigger and curvy.

It doesn't really represent anything, It just a shape that I enjoy drawing. It's a hard shape to get perfect, I think that's why I like it.



S16:You’ve done a lot of murals in London, Berlin and Sydney. Do you also do illegal work?

Mr.P: Shhhh...

S16: Is this the first time that you are working with a printshop outside the UK?

Mr.P: Yeah I think so. Being a screenprinter myself I've never had the need to do prints else where. But It's a great way to get your work to a new audience. 



Posted on October 21, '13 by Station 16.

photo by Sebastien Morin


Last Thursday we opened the "NYC meets MTL" show at the gallery, over 200 people showed up, and we couldn't be happier with the result. You can check out more photos from the opening night on our Facebook page! This show also marked the launch of the Street Museum of Art newest outdoor street art show... the Montreal edition! SMoA is an outdoor public art project that borrows the guerrilla marketing tactics of the street artist to put on a curated exhibition of street art. For a limited time you can pick up your map at the gallery and enjoy a walking tour of the entire show, which takes place in the Mile End & Plateau area around the gallery, best part is the admission is always free (SMoA has curated four shows to date; two NYC shows, one in London and now one in Montreal)!


photo by Sebastien Morin


The SMoA "Dans la rue" show, is actually what sparked the idea to put together our "NYC meets MTL" show. The show features works by some of New Yorks best current street artists, and also features COST, a name that needs no introduction. On the Montreal side, we are also featuring a name that brought a lot of attention to the Montreal street art scene, but as been absent since his public arrest, ROADSWORTH. The Show will be on until November 4th, be sure to drop in and check it out if you can... we'll be updating the website with a few extra goodies from the show, such as the COST signed newsprint which is now available!  


photo by SMoA